1. Working principles of solar energy system

Solar power system is well-known to everyone. It uses solar panels to convert light energy into electrical energy. Solar charge and discharge control is used as the central control device. On the one hand, the energy converted by solar panels is stored in the battery pack, and on the other hand, it controls the load of the battery pack. powered by. If there is AC equipment in the electrical equipment, the DC power can be inverted into AC power through the inverter to provide power to the AC equipment.

2. The convenience of solar energy system for life

The solar energy system is composed of the following parts: solar panels, batteries, solar controllers, DC converters, cables, etc., which form a set of power supply system. According to the actual power consumption of the user’s load, the configuration is designed and configured to meet the stable power supply requirements of the equipment, whether it is In winter or summer, whether it is cloudy or sunny, the power supply is stable!

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