When the solar cell panel is damaged and piled up with the rubble of the house, etc., the sunlight may generate electricity when it shines on the panel, and touching it with light hands, etc. may cause electric shock. The correct method for handling damaged solar panels is as follows:

(1) Do not touch with bare hands.

(2) Wear insulating gloves such as wire gloves or rubber gloves when contacting the damaged solar array during rescue and recovery work.

(3) When multiple solar cell panels are connected by cables, unplug or cut off the connected cables. If possible, cover the battery panel with a blue tarp or cardboard, or face down to avoid exposure to sunlight.

(4) If possible, wrap the exposed copper wire in the cable section with plastic tape, etc.

(5) When transporting the solar panel to the abandoned place, use a hammer to break the glass with caution. In addition, the components of the battery panel are as follows: semi-strengthened glass (thickness about 3mm), battery cells (silicon plate: 10-15cm square, 0.2-0.4mm thick, silver electrode, solder, copper foil, etc.), transparent resin, white Resin boards, metal frames, wiring materials, resin boxes, etc.