Here at Sunworth, we are committed to revolutionizing the way we harness and utilize solar energy. As a leader in solar product research, development, production, and sales, we take immense pride in our journey that began in 2008. With a firm belief in sustainable energy solutions, we introduce innovative solar power storage systems that not only redefine energy utilization but also offer reliable and uninterrupted power supply to customers around the globe.


Exploring the Sunworth Solar Power Storage Range

At Sunworth, we understand the evolving energy landscape and the need for efficient solar power storage. Our comprehensive range of Solar Power Storage Systems is designed to cater to various energy needs, for residential applications. With cutting-edge technology and a relentless commitment to excellence, we bring you a diverse selection of storage solutions:


  1. SPS with Lithium Battery Series 1KW~5KW: Empower your home with our Lithium Battery Series that offers optimal energy storage solutions ranging from 1KW to 5KW. Experience enhanced power utilization and reliability like never before.
  2. SHS with Lithium Battery DC Series 60W~160W: For smaller-scale applications, our SHS with Lithium Battery DC Series provides energy storage capacities ranging from 60W to 160W. This series is tailored to meet the unique requirements of compact setups.
  3. SPS with Lead-acid Battery Series 1KW~5KW: Harness the benefits of lead-acid battery technology with our Solar Power Storage Series. Ranging from 1KW to 5KW, this series ensures a consistent and efficient energy supply.


Empowering Sustainability with Certified Excellence

Sunworth stands as a beacon of quality and compliance in the solar energy sector. Our commitment to excellence is validated through ISO9001, ISO 14001, and ISO45001 certifications, showcasing adherence to stringent quality, environmental, and safety standards. In addition, our products hold certifications such as TuV, CE, CB, and ROHS, underscoring our dedication to industry regulations and global standards.


A Global Footprint of Innovation

With a wealth of experience and an unwavering focus on performance, Sunworth has successfully impacted over 100,000 families across 60 countries and regions. Our solar power storage solutions have not only transformed energy consumption patterns but have also contributed significantly to the global renewable power revolution.



At Sunworth, we’re not just a solar panels supplier and solar system manufacturer; we are pioneers in driving solar innovation. Our solar power storage solutions stand as a testament to our commitment to a greener future. With a range of products catering to diverse needs, backed by certifications that guarantee excellence, Sunworth is at the forefront of the solar energy evolution.


As we march forward, our dedication to the solar industry remains unwavering. Through cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and a customer-centric approach, Sunworth is lighting the path toward a brighter, cleaner, and more efficient energy future.