At Sunworth, we understand the need for reliable solar energy storage systems that can cater to the needs of small appliances. Our SHS with Lead-acid Battery DC Series is specifically designed to power devices such as cell phones, fans, LED lights, cameras, and more. By harnessing the power of solar energy, our solar home kits provide a convenient and flexible solution for your power needs.


Features and Specifications of Sunworth’s Solar Home Kits

We take pride in the quality and performance of our solar home kits. Our solar home kits are equipped with a lead-acid battery type, ensuring reliable power storage. This means that you can rely on our solar home kits to provide you with uninterrupted power whenever you need it. Additionally, our kits feature an MPPT controller type, which ensures efficient power conversion, maximizing the energy harvested from the sun. With output options for both DC and USB charging, our solar home kits are versatile and can power a wide range of devices.


Advantages of Sunworth’s Solar Home Kits

One of the key advantages of our solar home kits is their ability to cope with power outages and emergencies. By relying on solar energy, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a backup power solution in case of unexpected events. Additionally, as a direct sale factory, we offer stable lead times and guaranteed after-sale service. We understand the importance of timely delivery and exceptional customer support, and we strive to provide the best experience for our customers. Furthermore, our commitment to quality is evident through our ISO and CB certifications. These certifications ensure that our solar home kits meet the highest standards in terms of quality and reliability.



In conclusion, Sunworth’s SHS with Lead-acid Battery DC Series offers solar home kits that provide reliable and convenient power solutions. Whether you need to power small appliances or require a backup power solution during emergencies, our solar home kits are designed to meet your needs. With features such as a lead-acid battery, MPPT controller, and output options for both DC and USB charging, our solar home kits offer versatility and reliability. As a certified supplier with a commitment to exceptional customer service, we are here to provide you with the best solar power solutions. Trust in Sunworth and embrace the benefits of clean and renewable energy.