At Sunworth, we offer an efficient solar power storage system that provides a reliable and sustainable solution for harnessing solar energy. Our off-grid solar power system is designed to maximize energy utilization, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.


Off-grid Solar Power System – A Reliable and Sustainable Solution

Our system consists of high efficiency solar panels, brackets, and an integrated cabinet that contains a lithium battery, controller, and inverter. This integrated design allows for easy installation and maintenance, reducing field installation costs and avoiding potential risks caused by on-site installation errors.


One of the key advantages of our off-grid solar power system is its clear working status indication. With this feature, users can easily monitor the system’s performance and ensure its reliable operation. Additionally, our system is equipped with comprehensive protection functions, including surge, short circuit, over temperature, and overload protection. This ensures the safety and longevity of the system, even in challenging conditions.


Sunworth’s Lithium Battery Series: Powering Homes with Solar Energy


Powering homes with solar energy is at the core of our mission at Sunworth. That’s why we have developed a range of lithium battery systems, specifically designed for off-grid solar power storage. Our lithium battery series, ranging from 1KW to 5KW, provides the perfect solution for households looking to harness the power of the sun.


Our lithium battery systems are powered by solar panels or an AC adaptor, offering flexibility and versatility. With a LiFePO4 battery, MPPT controller, and pure sine wave inverter, our systems ensure efficient energy conversion and utilization. This means that homeowners can make the most of their solar energy, reducing their reliance on traditional power sources.


One of the standout advantages of our lithium battery series is its multiple output ports. This allows users to power various devices and appliances simultaneously, making our systems a practical and convenient energy solution for everyday use. Additionally, our systems are designed for easy installation and portability, giving homeowners the freedom to move and reposition their solar power storage system as needed.


Solar Home Kits: Lighting Up Homes with Sunworth’s Lithium Battery DC Series

For those looking for a lightweight and portable power solution, our Solar Home Kits are the perfect choice. With a power range of 60W to 160W, these kits provide a reliable and eco-friendly way to light up homes and charge devices without relying on the electrical grid.


Our Solar Home Kits include a photovoltaic module, controller, lithium battery, LED bulbs, and a multi-type USB wire. The lithium battery in these kits has a low self-discharge rate and a long service life, ensuring reliable and efficient power storage.


Installation of our Solar Home Kits is simple and straightforward, with options for rooftop or ground mounting. This allows homeowners to choose the most suitable setup for their specific needs. Whether it’s providing lighting for remote areas or charging mobile devices during outdoor activities, our Solar Home Kits offer a practical and convenient power solution.



In conclusion, Sunworth’s Solar Power Storage System, including our off-grid solar power system, lithium battery series, and Solar Home Kits, provides efficient and reliable solutions for harnessing solar energy. With our advanced technology and commitment to sustainability, we are proud to offer products that empower homeowners to embrace clean and renewable energy sources. Join us in the solar revolution and experience the benefits of Sunworth’s solar power storage solutions today.