The solar power generation system is composed of solar modules, solar controllers, inverters, and batteries. It converts solar energy into electric energy through solar modules, which are noise-free, pollution-free, safe and reliable. There are not many restrictions on the installation location, and the range of applications is very wide. For companies and homes to install solar power systems, the roof is the preferred location. Solar power generation systems are often used in traffic lights, signal lights, communication base stations, etc.

The advantages of solar power system

The service life of a solar power generation system can be as long as 20-30 years. Also, proper operation and maintenance can extend its life. The solar power system is not like a machine, which needs to be guarded by people. And it is more like conventional power supplies.

Solar power generation has always been a hot topic. It can be said that it has wide applicability because it can be used in factory power supply, household power supply, commercial power supply and agricultural power supply. From this point of view, the solar power generation system has wide applicability.

The fossil energy on the earth is an absolute amount, which will decrease or be exhausted as we use it. It is a development that needs to look for sustainable renewable energy to replace non-renewable energy. Solar energy is one of the renewable energy that meets the requirements.

In the 21st century, China’s economy has developed rapidly. However, at the same time, environmental protection was not well carried out and some ecological environments have been destroyed. The increasing emissions of pollutants such as carbon dioxide and sulfur are caused by burning coal and charcoal to use petroleum. It will lead to climate warming, smog, acid rain and other harsh environments. The solar power generation system has the benefit of environmental protection, and the whole process of power generation has no pollution and emissions. So, it is an ideal environmentally friendly power generation equipment.

The solar power system

The solar power generation system is not limited to the area, and it is suitable for installation under the conditions of unobstructed light. Roof, broad ground, the water surface of ponds and reservoirs, large shed roof are good choices for installation. As long as there is sunlight, solar power generation equipment can be installed to generate electricity.

How much is a small solar power generation system? China supports 0.37 RMB per kWh of solar power, and some cities have municipal subsidies. It can be said it has a promising future. Subsidies from solar power generation systems and the income from selling electricity can bring a lot of revenue. Calculated based on the average life of a solar power generation system of 25 years, the cost can be paid back in 6-8 years from ordinary equipment, and the remaining ten years will be net profit.