In the production process of solar road lights, we first need to consider how to make better use of solar energy to help us generate electricity. Although some devices have also used solar energy to generate electricity, we need to consider many aspects in the setting of street lights. So what is the voltage used by the solar road light and the energy selected?

1. The solar road light adopts DC voltage

The voltage adopted by the solar road light when it is set up is a DC voltage, because for this type of street light, first of all it uses clean energy, so we don’t need to worry about that the abnormal use of solar road lights caused by the electric voltage error. The DC voltage it uses is very small, generally maintained at about 20 volts, so for these solar road lights, in the process of use, we can ensure that the solar road lights can be used normally, and also in the event of a power outage.

2. Choose clean energy for solar road light energy

solar road lights use clean energy, which is one of the main reasons why solar road lights are now vigorously promoted in various places. Because the energy sources of the street lights we selected before are some electrical energy sources, although these energy sources generally do not encounter major problems in the process of use, if there is a large-scale blackout phenomenon, it will have a certain impact on the lighting of the road light. So now people are starting to pay attention to the use of energy-saving energy, because the use of these clean energy can protect the environment and save energy, so solar road lights are an ideal choice.