1. Introduction of solar road lights

Solar road lights can develop so quickly. We all know that this is because solar road lights use natural energy and do not consume conventional energy. The solar system of solar road lights does not require power transmission lines, and the solar system does not need to excavate the road for buried pipe engineering. It does not consume electricity and has a great environmental protection effect on the ecological environment. In fact, this is also due to the reasonable configuration of the components of the solar road light, long service life, and joint cooperation. If any component in the solar system has a problem, the solar road light will not work properly, and it will not bring us so much benefits.

2. The working principle and precautions of each system of solar road light

The solar energy system of the solar road light is composed of four components: solar panels, solar batteries, solar controllers, and lamps. The absence of any of them will cause the solar road light to not work normally, and the requirements for it cannot be reduced.

Let’s talk about solar panels. This requires a high conversion rate to absorb the sun’s rays and store them in the battery. When installing, there should be no obstructions to cover the solar panels. The solar battery is to convert solar energy into electricity at night to provide solar road lights to turn on. If you want to work normally on multiple rainy days, then the capacity of the solar battery should be increased, and the battery should not enter water, otherwise its service life will be reduced. The solar controller is to control the lighting time of the solar street lamp, and it is also waterproof.