solar road lights are now installed in many places. solar road lights can be seen everywhere, whether in urban communities or rural streets. In the process of use, people are most concerned about the service life of solar road lights. After all, it takes some costs to install a street light. No one wants to install it again. So what factors are related to the service life of solar road lights? There are many factors related to the service life of solar road lights, the most important are the following three aspects.

1. The light source of solar road light

For solar road lights, its light source is solar energy. In fact, when solar road lights are installed, many manufacturers still have requirements for solar light sources. If installed in a place where the light source is sufficient and relatively stable, the solar street lamp can generally have a life span of more than ten years. Of course, this premise is that the solar road light manufacturers need to ensure that the quality of the solar road lights is relatively good.

2. Battery for solar road light

The battery is the most important part of the solar road light. Therefore, when we choose the solar road light, we must pay attention to its battery. Some people may ask what the function of the battery is. The function of the battery is to convert solar energy into electric energy, and if the electric energy is not used up, it can also be used to store electric energy, so the battery is a very important component.

3. The manipulator of the solar road light

The manipulator of a solar road light can also be called a controller, which controls the entire operation of the solar road light. If the manipulator is broken, the entire solar road light will not be able to be used. So, don’t underestimate this manipulator. In fact , When installing solar road lights, the installer will tell us the importance of the manipulator.