400W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

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400W Monocrystalline Solar Panel


Product Origin: China

Power Range: 390W-410W

Solar Cell: Monocrystalline

Certificate: CE/TUV/CB/IEC/RoHS

Warranty: 25 years



390W~410W factory hot sell mono 72 cells solar panel, except for home, also used in the storage energy system, include on-grid and off-grid system, and solar PV station in remote area.

Advantages of 390~410W Factory Hot Sell Mono 72 Cells Solar Panel:

  1. Higher photoelectric conversion efficiency than poly solar panel
  2. 25 years power output warranty, 10 years workmanship warranty
  3. Strong PID resistance
  4. 100% EL test to keep higher quality
  5. Passed a variety of harsh environmental tests, like salt spray, ammonia and sand storm corrosion tests
Electrical Parameters
Model No. SW390MP-72 SW395MP-72   SW400MP-72  SW410MP-72
Max Power 390W 395W 400W 410W
Max Voltage 39.92V 40.31V 40.45V 40.82V
Max Current 9.77A 9.80A 9.89A 10.05A
Open-circuit Voltage 49.14V 49.47V 49.59V 49.90V
Short-circuit Current 10.36A 10.40A 10.46A 10.53A
Module Efficiency 19.67% 19.92% 20.17% 20.67%
Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Max System Voltage 1000Vdc
Max Series Fuse Rating 15A
Power Tolerance 0~+3%
*STC condition:1000 W/m² 1.5AM and 25℃ cell temperature
Temperature parameters
NMOT 46℃±2℃
Temperature Co-efficient of Pmax -0.398%/℃
Temperature Co-efficient of Voc -0.340%/℃
Temperature Co-efficient of Isc 0.0576%/℃
Mechanical Parameters
Cell size 158.75*158.75mm 158.75*158.75mm 158.75*158.75mm 158.75*158.75mm
Cell amounts 72(6*12) 72(6*12) 72(6*12) 72(6*12)
Weight 21.0kg 21.0kg 21.0kg 21.0kg
Module Dimension 1002*1979*35mm 1002*1979*35mm 1002*1979*35mm 1002*1979*35mm
Front Cover 3.2mm tempered glass
Frame Material Anodized aluminium alloy
Junction Box IP67 rated
Output Cables 4mm2,Length  900mm+MC4

Q1:Do you provide after-sales service?
A:More than 50 professional operation and maintenance engineers to solve problems and provide service for you at any time.

Q2:What solar solutions can you provide?
A:Residential/Home solar system, Rooftop solar power station, Large-scale ground-mounted solar power station,Agriculture-complementary Solar Power Station.

Q3:What is the lead time?
A:It will take about 5-20 days for production depending on the quantity.

Q4:How long is the warranty of your products?
A:5-year Warranty for Materials and Processing 25-year Warranty for Extra Linear Power Output.

Q5:Can I have sample before formal order?
A:Of course.

Q6:OEM is available?
A:Acceptable OEM Service


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