Solar Control Cube DC&AC 160-320W

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Solar Control Cube DC&AC 160-320W


Product Origin: China  

Product Name:Solar Control Cube DC&AC 160-320W

Power Source: Solar Panel

Output: DC&AC

Service: ODM/OEM

Warranty: 2 years



  • Contains a controller inside, connecting solar panels and batteries, to build a complete solar system.
  • There are different connectors on the cube, which users can connect to their loadings directly. 
  • There are inbuilt protection functions.
  • Largely simplify a solar system, both installation and usage..


Model No. SW-SHK1030 SW-SHK1050 SW-SHK2030 SW-SHK2050
Controller 12V/10A, PWM, LED indicator 12V/20A, PWM,LED indicator
Inverter 300W 500W 300W 500W
Output Voltage DC12, DC5V, AC220V
Outlet Socket DC12V Socket*8, 18W Quick Charge USB*1, 5V/2.1A USB*1 2-hole AC socket*1, Universal three-hole socket*1
Equipped Accessories 5W LED bulb with 5m cable with switch, 6 sets 3 in 1 USB cable, 1pc
Protections Surge, Reverse polarity, Overload, Short circuit ,etc.
Operating Temperature Discharge: -20℃ ~50℃,Charge: 0℃~50℃
Power Box Size(L*W*H) 220*165*80mm
Allowed Solar Panel Max 160W/18V Max 320W/18V
Allowed Battery Min. 33AH/12V Min. 33AH/12V
Suitable Battery Cable 10mm2/1.5m 16mm2/1.5m 10mm2/1.5m 16mm2/1.5m



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