Sunworth Service

Sunworth is the premium supplier of solar power solutions. With our professional engineer team and sales team, we could make the best service.

Perfessional Team

Since 2008, 14 years experience, Specialising in all sorts of solar power solution.

PCustomaize Solution

Provide professional energy solutions based on the actual demands of customers.

Technical Support

Provide a full range of on-sales and after-sales technical support service.

Get A Personalise Solar Power Solutions

As one of leading solar energy solutions provider,Sunworth provide various one-stop solar energy solutions for our customers. Let us know your demands and get the most suitable solution.

Solar Power Station

Solar power station is the best energy solution for household, industrial and commercial users.

  • High-efficiency solar conversion
  • Continuous electricity supply
  • Durable and easy maintenance
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Solar Telecommunication Base Station

Solar telecommunication base station is a kind of communication base station powered by photovoltaic power generation technology, it can largely solve the problem of power supply difficulties of base stations in remote areas.

  • Safety, stability,and energy-efficient
  • Modular design and easy installation
  • Durable and low maintenance
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Solar Water Pump System

Solar water pump system can be used for agricultural irrigation, livestock, drip irrigation system, farm, landscape water and household use.

  • High volume and high pressure
  • Economy and environmental benefits
  • Easy construction and maintenance
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Solar Street Lighting System

Sunworth provide customized solar street lighting solutions according to customer demands and local condition. Solar street light are applicable to park, highway, freeway, downtown, tourism area, school and industrial park,etc.

  • High-efficiency solar conversion
  • Modular design and easy installation
  • Durable and low maintenance
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